Regression Testing

The dynamics of the software world is changing rapidly. Frequent changes and enhancements have become critical to the success of any application or software. However, every time a developer modifies or bring changes to any software, there are high chances of having unexpected consequences. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that these changes do not impede or break other unrelated parts of existing applications.

Regression testing is a reliable way to ensure that the applications remain defect-free even after frequent changes. It also ensures that the recent changes have not broken any existing functionality. It helps to find bugs in a new software release and to ensure that the previous bugs are fixed.

Here are some key advantages of Regression Testing:

  1. Multiple platform automation
  2. Risk-based regression
  3. Parallel execution to save time
  4. Faster functionality coverage with Unit and API tests
  5. Performance impact analysis
  6. Continuous Testing methodologies

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